Haystack - The Search Relevance Conference.

Eric PughApril 24, 2019

Haystack is the conference for improving search relevance. Haystack is the no-holds-barred conference for organizations where search, matching, and relevance really matters to the bottom line.

Why Haystack? Democratizing Search Relevance!

Doug TurnbullJanuary 7, 2019

Why another search conference? Because search relevance shouldn't be locked behind obscure papers and walled gardens. It needs a community of practitioners to freely share solutions, open source tools, and best practices.

An Introduction to Search Quality

Max IrwinNovember 19, 2018

When considering improvements to search in a product or application it is necessary to have a vision of overall quality, which is a combination of three key areas: relevance, experience, and performance. This article explains all three at a high level and why they matter as a whole, and offers some tips to diagnose and attack a spectrum of common search quality issues.


Activate: Search and AI

October 17, 2018

*The* conference focused on Solr now adds an AI element, we've made the pilgrimage since 2010

The Missing Hello World for OpenNLP

Eric PughOctober 4, 2018

In 2012 I first saw OpenNLP, and was both excited by it, but also appalled by the documentation. I wrote this blog post in 2012, but turns out I never actually published it! So here it is, updated for OpenNLP 1.9.0!