E-commerce Search for Product Managers (MICES, Berlin)

Charlie HullJune 18, 2019

This full day class helps you understand how working on onsite search for e-commerce requires different thinking than other engineering problems. We teach you to measure search quality, take a hypothesis-driven approach to search projects, and safely 'fail fast' towards ever improving business KPIs.

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Search

Max IrwinMay 29, 2019

Search is a deceptively complex field, where competence is hard-won through training, practice, and experience. In that vein dear friends, I've exhumed the venerable "Falsehoods Programmers Believe" party from 4 years ago to bring you one about, no less, Search.


Haystack - The Search Relevance Conference.

Eric PughApril 24, 2019

Haystack is the conference for improving search relevance. Haystack is the no-holds-barred conference for organizations where search, matching, and relevance really matters to the bottom line.