Search Meetups

We love Search Meetups! They’re a great chance to find out about exciting new projects and technologies, hear about what works (and what doesn’t), present your project or idea in an informal setting and meet others facing the same search challenges. Use the map below to find Search Meetups near you. Please note that the map markers are centered on the city where the Meetup is based, not the exact location where the Meetup is held – as some can move around a few different venues in one city. It’s best to consult the Meetup page itself to find the exact location of an event.

We also run the virtual Haystack LIVE! Meetup if you can’t get to an in-person event, and attend and run many more events.

Derived from an original list compiled in 2016/17 by Charlie Hull and re-crawled in December 2022. Colour coding indicates how recently a Meeteup held an event, green indicating an event took place in the last two years.

Do you know a Meetup that’s not on this map, or one that needs updating?