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Our Youtube channel features speakers from the Haystack conferences and the Search Meetups we run, plus videos of search related talks at other events across the world including Berlin Buzzwords, Mix Camp E-Commerce Search (MICES) and ApacheCon.

We also feature how-to videos on topics including how to use the open source Chorus platform to build a powerful and tunable e-commerce search engine and curated playlists of videos on subjects such as Solr, Elasticsearch, Learning to Rank and Measuring Search Quality.

You can also check out our list of other Youtube channels featuring search topics.

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Click the links below for our curated playlists of videos about search subjects from both OSC and other sources. We’re constantly adding more videos – if there’s something you think should be added then let us know.

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Why partner with OSC?

Our mission is to empower your team. We know search. We’ll get your team there, too. Together, we’ll get to the root of your search processes, make improvements and train your team to own your search. ‘We teach you to fish.’ We don’t patronize with vague buzzwords like ‘cognitive search’ or ‘insight engines.’ We listen to your search problems and collaborate to find solutions that help achieve your organization’s search and business goals.