We host and attend events on search & relevance across the world. Come and join our Search Meetup groups or meet us as we talk at a conference! You can see the next events we'll attend below.

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We run Haystack, the search relevance conference, twice a year in the USA and Europe. We also host the London Lucene/Solr Meetup (which meets every few months) and the Haystack LIVE! Meetup (which presents weekly online talks on search & relevance). We’re also regular speakers at other events including ApacheCon, Berlin Buzzwords, MICES (Mix Camp for E-commerce), Search Solutions, Taxonomy Bootcamp & Enterprise Search Summit. Come and meet our team! Talks from past events are available on our Youtube channel.

Elastic Community Conference: Improve your Elasticsearch relevance with Quepid!

  • February 27, 2021 | 8.30am ET / 13.30 GMT / 14:30 CET

Quepid, an open source tool, gives you a safe place to play with your Elasticsearch queries. Learn how you can rate your queries to put a number on search…

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Open Distro for Elasticsearch has been around for a few years and yet some confusion still swirls about what it is and what it does. In this talk, you’ll…

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Open Distro for Elasticsearch

Charlie’s talk at the Intrateam Copenhagen online event gives a non-technical introduction to the basics of search engines and why matching user queries to content is harder than it…

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Search relevance engineering consists of query understanding processes and customized ranking with historical engagement information. Query understanding is the process of inferring the intent of the search keyword by…

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query understanding

Dan Worley will give a a quick overview of the TermStatQuery added to the Elasticsearch Learning to Rank plugin in 2020. This new query provides users with the ability…

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