Case Studies

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The business case for
amazing search

Organizations with poor search are at a loss: resource, time, profits, sales, and customer/user experiences. 

  • E-commerce and online retailers – Shoppers who find the product they’re looking for simply won’t make a purchase, or, they’ll find it on an aggregate seller’s website (Amazon, Walmart)
  • For associations and research-based institutions – Irrelevant search results mean users can’t find what they’re looking for, end up frustrated and often see less value in the membership or service your organization provides. 
  • For hospital and medical groups – By improving search relevancy, doctors and other medical practitioners access important diagnostic information faster and more easily; or just help patients find the right parking lot. 

What do OpenSource Connections’ clients achieve?

Our search consultants help you find and fill gaps in your search model and product strategy to improve search quality and achieve search goals – from increased conversions and sales to improved UX and providing users with the right, most relevant content. Read the Case Studies below to find out how we’ve helped organisations across the world.