Case Studies


“SimpleTire thinks there’s a better way when it comes to getting work done on your car. Starting with tire replacement.  A way that’s more welcome. That’s more you. That gets you to what you need, more quickly. Helps you feel smart about your choices. And gets you on your way, feeling good. A way with lots of data, and tech, and smart thinking. From step one, to step done. A way better experience for tire replacement. Way simple.  Way better.”

How SimpleTire works: 

  1. Find the perfect tire. Browse our huge catalog or go with personalized recommendations for you.
  2. Choose an installer. Choose from one of our pre-certified service centers or ship to your home.
  3. Schedule and pay. All-inclusive pricing. Pick a time and pay online. Tires will be delivered to the shop.
  4. Drive confidently. From step one, to step done. A way better experience.

OSC’s collaboration with SimpleTire started in 2020 as they started our Proven Process for search improvement, sending key members of their team to our Elasticsearch TLRE training and joined an initial Discovery engagement to assess their organisational Search Maturity.

“OSC has been a critical partner in our journey to improve our search offering, from the initial training through working on our team to provide strategic guidance, expert advice and actual deliverables.”  

Chris Vitale, VP of Technology, SimpleTire

Zero-result searches reduced

During subsequent Accelerator Implementation cycles, the OSC and SimpleTire team have built innovative new features including intelligent search auto-complete to lead users down the shortest possible path to the correct tires, without assuming prior knowledge of the huge range of tires available. We worked together on reducing the number of zero-result searches, a KPI for the business, and achieved a reduction in this metric from 5% to 0.5%.

Better search drives conversions

Watch the joint presentation below given at the Haystack US 2021 search relevance conference to hear how SimpleTire and OSC developed custom scoring algorithms for Elasticsearch using the Painless scripting language. These algorithms allow SimpleTire to merchandise tires more effectively, maximising the customer experience and increasing conversions by 4%. Developing a personalised search experience has led to a further 5% increase in conversions.

If you want to find out how OSC’s mission to empower search teams can drive conversions or you want to learn more about our training and consulting, get in touch.

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