Search Relevancy Consulting

Relevant search is all about responding to users’ searches with content that satisfies and sells. At OpenSource Connections, that’s our specialty – making sure the results your users are looking for come back in the right context and order. In other words, users receive not just any search results, but the search results that are most relevant to them.

OpenSource Connections’ Search Consultants

Our consultants and relevance engineers make sense of vast, complex, often highly subjective search query information to fine tune your search system and provide your users the most relevant results, whether they’re looking to buy a specific pair of shoes, diagnose a patient’s symptoms, or simply find the building’s parking lot on your website. 

Search engineer v. ‘relevance engineer’ 

Your organization may already have a search engineer role or team. Traditionally, search engineers have focused broadly on all of search’s concerns, including performance and application development. 

Successful organizations have moved away from expensive proprietary commercial search software to open search software to build search engines, specifically: Apache Lucene/Solr and Elasticsearch. We’re experts in both! However, simply downloading and using open source software doesn’t mean your search engine is any “smarter” or more useful for your users than it was before without implementing expertise in search relevancy, personalization and machine learning. 

Small search relevancy improvements can have a huge impact – on retail sales, product rollouts, content-gathering, and user experience. 

Why OSC?

We’re pioneers in Solr, Elasticsearch, search relevance and machine learning.