OpenSearch Consulting

Organizations of all sizes utilize OpenSearch for its flexibility, effectiveness and power as a search platform. OpenSource Connections helps our clients leverage OpenSearch to advance their search efforts, and more broadly, their organizational goals, which frequently includes driving sales, enhancing user experience, supporting product launches, or refining content gathering. If you need help with OpenSearch, we’re here to help.


We’ve been tracking the creation of OpenSearch since it was launched in early 2021 and are now offering OpenSearch consulting as a partner of AWS OpenSearch.

Working with the Wikimedia Foundation we developed the Elasticsearch Learning to Rank plugin, which uses machine learning to automatically re-rank search results. This has been used as the basis for the OpenSearch Learning to Rank plugin.

OpenSearch Relevance engineering

We create and maintain open source plugins, extensions and tools for OpenSearch including Quepid, the test-driven relevancy dashboard.

You can learn relevance engineering concepts and techniques in our Think Like a Relevance Engineer training for OpenSearch. We also teach a course on Learning to Rank which is appropriate for anyone using LTR with Apache Solr, Elasticsearch or OpenSearch.

Our Haystack conference series, including the regular Haystack LIVE! Meetup focuses on relevance engineering. Our free Relevance Slack community has over 3500 members and a dedicated #opensearch channel. Our Youtube channel features talks from our all Meetup and Events and has an OpenSearch playlist.

Our OpenSearch consulting experts know how to get the best out of this powerful technology – and via our Proven Process we can empower your team to deliver the value your business requires.

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Why Partner with OSC?

Our mission is to empower your team. We know search. We’ll get your team there, too.

Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries. OpenSearch is a registered trademark of Amazon Web Services.