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We're an 'anti butts-in-seats' consulting org. Our service offerings are designed to help your team grow it's own capabilities.

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We know Solr & Elasticsearch

We're pioneers in Solr, Elasticsearch, Search Relevance, and Machine Learning

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We've Helped the Best

We've helped organizations like Wikimedia Foundation, Careerbuilder, Snag, and Zappos get to the next level on search.

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What we believe

We believe that when search & discovery is core to your value, you should own it.

We've helped dozens of organizations grow from beginners to pioneers in the space. Seeing how valuable this transformation is to our clients is why we've made it our mission to empower great search teams. We don't patronize you with vague marketing buzzwords like 'cognitive search' or 'insight engines'. We teach you real solutions to search and relevance. We want to teach you to fish. You shouldn't need to chain yourself to us or any other vendor. Let us coach you into becoming a more capable team!

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Meet the Team

Our team has lead search transformations for dozens of organizations across numerous industries

Email | Twitter | Github | (434) 466-1467
President & COO
Email | Twitter | (434) 996-1991s
Co-Founder and Solutions Architect
Email | Twitter | (434) 409-2780
Search Relevance Engineer
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Chief Technical Officer
Email | Twitter | (240) 476-9983
Program Manager
Email | Twitter | (434) 466-2671
Managing Consultant
Email | Twitter | Github | Linkedin
Accounting Assistant
Data Architect & Search Engineer
Email | Twitter | Github | Linkedin | (434) 806-4272
Managing Consultant
Email | Twitter | Github | +44 (0)8700 118334
Data Scientist
Email | Twitter | Github | +1 (434) 960-6667
People Person
Email | +1 (603) 359-4598