About OpenSource Connections

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower search teams. We help organizations that recognize that search and discovery is key to delivering their value to understand and own their search.

OpenSource Connections: What do we do?

When it comes to search relevancy, small changes can have a huge impact – on retail sales, product rollouts, content gathering, and user experience. 

We help organizations, working with search engineers and product teams, CTOs and VPs, to assess and make improvements to their search engines. Our service offerings – from one-on-one and group trainings to consulting and accelerated implementation – are designed to help your team grow its own search relevance capabilities.

Our search consultants are ‘relevance engineers.’ 

We’re pioneers in Solr, Elasticsearch, search relevance, personalization and machine learning. Our consultants can assess your search system, fill gaps and make improvements that foster real results. We defined and embody the term ‘relevance engineer‘ to cover our unique breadth of skills across both the business-related and technical aspects of search.

Meet Our Experts

Our team has led search transformations for dozens of organizations across various industries including healthcare, IT, law, retail and ecommerce. Working with our expert consultants, you’ll find gaps in your search processes and capabilities, gaps which may be blind spots for your organization. Through our proven process and search maturity model, we’ll recommend immediate improvements to your search programs. 

We’ll train your teams across departments, if needed. Our individualized training will equip your team with the skills necessary to “own your search.” In other words, we’ll ‘teach you to fish’, so your team can improve search relevancy at your organization on an ongoing basis. 

René Kriegler

Director, E-commerce

Jeff Zemerick

Search Relevance Engineer

Rajesh Shahani

Sales Director

Eric Pugh

co-founder & CEO

Letetia Evans

Client Advocate

John Woodell

President & COO
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Scott Stults

Co-Founder and Solutions Architect
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Dan Worley

Search Relevance Engineer

Becky Billingsley

Program Manager
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Max Irwin

Managing Consultant

Jennifer Schmidt

Accounting Assistant

Bertrand Rigaldies

Data Architect & Search Engineer

Charlie Hull

Managing Consultant
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Nate Day

Data Scientist

Alexa Beal

People Person
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