Solr Consulting

Solr is one of the most effective and powerful search platforms available. At OpenSource Connections, we specialize in helping organizations utilize Solr to enhance their search capabilities and further their goals – whether that’s to increase sales, support product rollouts, refine content gathering, or improve user experience. Whatever your Solr needs are, we can help.

Experts in Solr

We’ve been providing expert Solr consulting for over 15 years. We’ve helped organizations across the world implement powerful, scalable and accurate search engines based on these open source platforms.

Our CEO Eric Pugh is a Solr Committer and co-authored the first book on Solr, Apache Solr Enterprise Search Server, now in its third edition.

Relevance engineering with Solr 

We create and maintain open source plugins, extensions and tools for Solr including Quepid, the test-driven relevancy dashboard and a number of modules available on and our Github.

We teach the craft of Solr relevance engineering through our Think Like a Relevance Engineer Solr training, regular blogs and via our Youtube channel. We run the London Lucene/Solr Meetup and our Haystack conference series which focuses on relevance engineering. Our free Relevance Slack community has around 5000 members and a dedicated #solr channel.

Our Solr consulting experts know how to get the best out of this powerful technology – and via our Proven Process we can empower your team to deliver the value your business requires.

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Why Partner with OSC?

Our mission is to empower your team. We know search. We’ll get your team there, too.

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