We’re Writing The Book on Search Relevance!

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The search bar has crept into your application. Do you know how to extract value out of it? Or is it a dangling afterthought?

Search is hard. Yet it’s increasingly what users expect. Your users want intelligent search that understands your content and responds to their vernacular. To you this can feel like a mystical endeavor. Building a search engine that communicates on human terms to return relevant results can feel more like trying to pass the Turing Test than programming.

We’re happy to announce Relevant Search to help solve these problems. Taming search captures OSC’s collective decades of relevance tuning and monitoring experience. Turning the search bar into a revenue generator instead of a cost center is what we do every day. Until now, there’s been no book that captures this day-to-day engineering of working in the trenches with Solr or Elasticsearch to solve these problems.

This is exactly what we do in Relevant Search. How can you leverage the internals of the search engine to deliver a relevant search solution? How do you collaborate with content experts and measure the effectiveness of your search solution? How do you integrate external systems like machine learning and knowledge bases like ontologies to enhance search relevance?

We invite you to check out the book and participate in the discussion. Hopefully you’ll be able to leverage our experience, and avoid painful lessons that so many have gone through. And as always, if you’d like to enlist our expertise to solve your relevance problems, please get in touch!