OSC welcomes you to the Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell

For the past several months OpenSource Connections headquarters has served as an underground, no-cost coworking hot spot, and weve had such a good time with it that weve decided to formalize and expand the arrangement.

Introducing the OSC Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell

Weekly OSC has been holding internal Friday afternoon hacks, and the best of these hacks culminate in afternoon short talks in which OSC employees and friends spread knowledge about what interests them. Now we would like to officially invite you to join us. Heres how: Join our OSC coworking mailing list and we will keep you updated as to when well hold the next Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell. Its important to join the mailing list because we wont have the Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell every week, and we wouldnt want you to show up and be dismayed! But we do plan to hold Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell about once a month, and when it happens, we want you to be there.

OpenSource Connections Coworking

“But I dont want hack, I just want a change of scenery and a place to work for free!” Well your demands are high, but I still think we can help you out. OSC is a great place to cowork because 1) its free and 2) its free. The caveat, though, is that you cant simply show up every day (because hey after all… its free). If you want to join us, then you should still sign up for our coworking mailing list so that you can be aware of the latest news – and importantly, the days that no one is in the office!

Spread the Wealth

Want to know our big, secret, ulterior motive for opening our doors to the community for free? Its because we have a lot to learn! And theres no one better to learn from than you, Cville techizens. Whats more, we believe that youll profit from and learn from us, and from the others that show up. Oh yeah.. the office is a little trick to find, so this might be of help to you

So I hope to see you soon, if not at a Friday after 12 Hack-and-Tell, then at least sitting at a desk next to me coworking. ~Cheers!