Come Learn about Test Driven Search Relevancy at DC Solr Users Group!

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Is your search testing done in a spreadsheet? You need Quepid

Do you struggle with troublesome search queries? Do you find it hard to balance the many conflicting requirements your search has to satisfy? Perhaps youre like many of our clients – you have a giant spreadsheet of queries with notes on which results are good, and which are poor. How do you translate that into a plan of action without breaking what currently works? How do you incorporate stakeholders in your search development and testing? How can you get to developers to build good search in coordination with non-developers deeply rooted in business and content expertise?

We believe in a practice called “Test Driven Relevancy”. And guess what – were speaking on this topic! Wed like to share how this can improve your ability to execute better search!

So come see Doug Turnbull speak at the DC Area (NOVA) Apache Lucene/Solr Meetup on Wednesday February 26th to see how we apply this philosophy during customer engagements. Well be showcasing a new product now in Beta, Quepid that enables test-driven search relevancy. Quepid goes beyond “search query spreadsheet” – creating a search relevancy canvas that allows content experts and developers to work closely to paint a picture of what search should and can look like.

So RSVP and bring us your search relevancy problems to discuss! If you cant attend contact us instead to chat.