Search for Lunch: this search expert will come speak for free at your company’s lunch and learn

I want to share what I know at your company’s lunch and learn! For free!

The problem with lunch and learn’s is that everyone’s busy. It’s challenging to find enough time to put together a good presentation to the group.

Luckily, I’m here to help. You can now snag a free hour of my time to speak to your developers over your favorite web conferencing technology.

Sharing what I know is a big part of my passion. I just finished writing a book on search relevance. I speak regularly at conferences and meetups. I have several prepared presentations. If you’re using Solr or Elasticsearch, let me help you by speaking virtually at your lunch and learn!

Simply email me, and I’ll share presentations I can deliver with very little preparation. Topics like

  • Learning to Rank – Using machine learning to optimize search relevance. See the mechanics behind the magic. See what is learning to rank
  • Search Management 101 – Getting the entire team moving in the right direction on search. Often search is thought of as a tech problem, when it is more often about organizational and process issues.
  • Search Relevance w/ Solr & Elasticsearch 101. My Ghost in a Search Machine talk. How a search engine works, and what weird neat things can you do with it to manipulate ranking & matching.
  • Test Driven Search Relevancy – How can we improve relevance over time while maintaining quality. Talks about our product Quepid and the general principles of Test Driven search Relevancy
  • Personalization & Recommendation Systems using Search – techniques for using Solr and Elasticsearch to personalize and recommend content
  • Hacking Lucene internals for custom search results – learn about custom Lucene queries which let you implement custom scoring
  • How to evaluate search relevance investments – An introduction to OSC’s search relevance methodology that you could apply to your problems

I’ll be sure to leave plenty of time for discussions and questions so you can pick my brain on a few of your own problems!

Schedule your Lunch and Learn with Doug!