Elasticsearch Learning to Rank 1.0.1 Released

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Thanks so much to community members who let us know that Elasticsearch Learning to Rank did not work with Elastic Cloud/XPack Security. Today Elastic Learning to Rank 1.0.1 is released that should allow Elastic Cloud users and others using XPack security to take advantage of the plugin.

Read more about ES LTR + Xpack here

A great story of open source teamwork

I love seeing everyone pool time & resources to get something done for the community!

Our friends Erik Berhardson and David Causse from Wikimedia Foundation played a big role in investigating exactly how a plugin should interoperate with XPack Security. Thanks to Skopos Labs who funded some freelancer time to investigate and hunt-down the issue (you can get a lot done in open source if you want to pay for something!).

Finally, special thanks to my colleague Pere Urbon-Bayes. Pere took the ‘football over the goalline’ (I think this metaphor works in all forms of football…). Starting last week, Pere has been helping me co-administer the project. It’s become an important enough project to make sure I’m not a single-point-of-failure :). Pere is a fantastic freelancer who I enjoy working with, someone with deep expertise in the Elastic stack, a passion for relevance/learning to rank, and a love for open source. Thanks Pere for helping all of us out!

Learn how to get the plugin here