Search Insights 2019, a new report from The Search Network

Search Insights 2019, a new report from The Search Network

As many of you will know I’ve now joined OSC as a Managing Consultant – so here’s my first short blog post. Those of you who followed my Flax blog won’t be surprised to hear it won’t be the last!

For the last couple of years I’ve been part of an informal group of professionals working in the search engine space, the Search Network. Two of this group are now my colleagues at OSC (Eric Pugh and Doug Turnbull), others include search managers, taxonomy experts and user interface specialists. Most of us don’t work for big companies and we’re all frequently frustrated by some of the content that masquerades as ‘analysis’ of the sector we inhabit.

So, we decided to do something about it, led by Martin White, author, speaker and all round statesman of enterprise search – we started producing free, un-sponsored reports covering the current position of the search market, recommended strategies for success, new innovations in search and more. In our second annual report Search Insights 2019 we cover topics as diverse as “Why we (still) need taxonomies (and the taxonomists who nurture them” and “Achieving enterprise search satisfaction” – my own contribution was in collaboration with Doug on “The rise of the relevance engineer”. You can also read Martin’s story of this year’s report.

The reports are free to download and you may even find a few printed copies at the next search event you attend. If you like them, please spread the word, send on the link to your colleagues, tweet about them or whatever – if you disagree with something, or need some help on a particular aspect of what we’ve written about get in touch with the authors directly. If you want to chat to me or Doug perhaps you can come to one of our Haystack conferences (but be quick, the April event is close to sold out!) – or contact us directly.