Search Insights 2020, a new report from The Search Network

The Search Network is a group of independent search professionals and companies formed in 2017 as a community of practice. The Network publishes free annual reports covering many different aspects of search and OSC has been proud to contribute to Search Insights 2018 and Search Insights 2019. The topics covered include enterprise search, taxonomies, managing search teams, Sharepoint search and open source – and of course, relevancy.

We’re happy to announce the publication of Search Insights 2020 which is a fantastic resource for anyone evaluating, procuring, designing or managing a search engine solution. This year, Charlie Hull of OSC has contributed an article on skills for effective relevance engineering; Max Irwin has written about the advent of natural language information retrieval and Elizabeth Haubert has described recent changes in the open source search sector.

The report also includes contributions from others covering topics such as query log analysis, taxonomy project management and content integration. Additionally there is a glossary of search related terms, a list of search vendors and consultancies, a list of useful books and blogs and even a timeline of enterprise search. At over 60 pages packed with useful information, we think this is the best report yet!

We’ll have a few printed copies of Search Insights 2020 available at our Haystack US conference in April (tickets are now available for both the conference and the five different training sessions we’re running) – or you can of course download the free PDF.