Quepid Carries Your Caseload

Now that you are using Quepid to collaborate with members of your team by sharing your cases with other members of your Team, you need a way to view basic information for ALL of your owned and shared cases and navigate to those cases within Quepid. That is why we have the Multi Case Dashboard.

Viewing all Owned and Shared Cases on the Multi Case Dashboard

You can access the Multi Case Dashboard in Quepid when you select View All Cases from the Dropdown.

Select All Cases from the Dropdown


Select View All Cases from the Main Dropdown to go to the Multi Case Dashboard.

On the Multi Case Dashboard you can view all of your Cases- both the ones that you own and the ones shared with the Teams you belong to. Pagination on this dashboard allows you to view 100’s of Cases. Alternatively, you can filter Owned or Shared Cases to narrow your focus to specific cases when needed.

Multicase Dashboard


View all Owned and Shared Cases on your Multi Case Dashboard.

Detailed Information for Each Case now Visible

For each Case on the dashboard you now have access to the following information:

  • Case ID and Name
  • Last Try Number which is useful to get a sense of activity in a case.
  • Last Score and a warning if you have unrated documents in that case, to remind you to update your judgements!
  • Who was the last person to run the case, and how long ago.

Export Case Level Information from the Multi Case Dashboard

You can also Export Case Level Information from the Multi Case Dashboard. You can export the following information for all of your cases and associated queries for your offline analysis:

  • Team, Case Name, and Case ID which can be good for managing data offline.
  • Query Text that was sent to search engine.
  • Score for the document.
  • Date Last Scored which should be the same for all queries in a case.
  • Count of the number of results that matched.
  • Notes that are entered per query.

To export each list select the Export button and choose all cases, all shared cases, or all owned cases. Or export the same information for an single case by selecting Export to CSV at the Case Level on this Dashboard.

How is Quepid at carrying your caseload? Drop me a line!