Leveling Up with Natural Language Search!

You’ve done it, dear reader! You got to the base of relevant search for your customers. You have a search platform installed and working, you’re measuring, experimenting, and improving search quality, but you’re still having difficulty fixing some complicated and annoying problems you still have. In short, you need to level up, and you want to do it quickly, but don’t know where to focus.

We built Natural Language Search training for you. It is the perfect compliment to our Think Like A Relevance Engineer class, and you’ll walk away with practical knowledge to fix those tricky problems. Specifically, you’ll attack issues such as these:

  • How do I fix pesky search issues like “size 8 red pumps”, “mens vest on sale”, or “3.5mm to RCA”?
  • How can I classify the intent of the query, and use that to give precise results?
  • How do I identify important keywords, brands, attributes, organizations, people, and locations in my content and queries?
  • What are vectors in search? How can I apply them to solving my real problems?
  • How can I use BERT and other NLP and AI models? How will they help me with tricky language problems?

I’ll walk you through from scratch to being an NLP AI and BERT practitioner in 4 half-day workshops. Each with lectures and lots of hands-on labs where you’ll actually solve problems. You’ll learn state of the art tooling, realistic and effective techniques, and have lots of fun building and tuning your own NLP and BERT powered natural language search engine!

Our next class is August 4th, come join us and level up!