Client Conflict of Interest Policy

Last Modified: 2021-01-01
Effective Date: 2021-01-01


OpenSource Connections, LLC (OSC) provides a wide range of professional consulting and technology development services for clients relating to search and search relevancy. We provide services for companies of all sizes which operate in many different industries, including retail, e-commerce, financial services, legal services and software/technology.

We provide services to some of the largest companies in their respective industries. At times, we may provide services concurrently to companies which compete directly in the same industry (defined herein, as a “Competitor”) or we may provide services to a Competitor of a client shortly after completing services for such client.

We recognize and respect that certain of our clients may be concerned that we provide services for one or more of its Competitors concurrently with or shortly after our provision of services for such client. On occasions, clients will ask OSC to contractually agree to not provide services for companies which they consider to be Competitors while providing services for such clients and for a specified time period thereafter. As a general policy, OSC will not agree to such restrictions on its ability to perform services. However, to address the legitimate concerns that clients may have to not only ensure that their confidential information is protected but that their Competitors do not inadvertently learn or benefit from other valuable information which our employees and contractors may learn when providing services for such clients, OSC has adopted this Client Conflict of Interest of Policy (this “Policy”) to provide our clients with assurances of the internal measures that OSC has taken to seek to address such concerns.

The specific measures set forth in this Policy are supplemental to and in addition to all of OSC’s contractual obligations to protect its clients’ confidential information and this Policy does not modify or alter any such contractual obligations.


When providing services for a client, OSC will implement the following internal measures to seek to protect against the disclosure of any non-public information relating to such services to a Competitor of such client while providing services for such client and such Competitor concurrently and/or while providing services for such Competitor during the 1-year period (the “Restricted Period”) following our completion of services for such client:

  • When providing services concurrently for a client and a Competitor of such client, different project managers will be assigned for such client and Competitor.
  • Whenever reasonably practicable to do so, when providing services concurrently for a client and a Competitor, different personnel will be assigned to projects for such client and such Competitor.    
  • When providing services for a client and a Competitor of such client concurrently and during the     Restricted Period, OSC personnel providing services to such client will not discuss any non-public matters specifically relating to the services they are providing to, and/or have provided for, such client to personnel who are performing services for such Competitor.

OSC personnel who perform unique services for a client (for example, the development of a unique search tool for such client) will not perform any identical services for a Competitor of such client while providing such services for such client and during the Restricted Period and will not use any specific knowledge or information they learn in connection with the performance of such unique services in connection with any services provided by such OSC personnel for a Competitor during such time periods.