Beyond Search Relevance: Understanding and Measuring Search Result Quality


Imagine a search for “laptop”. Your search engine, carefully tuned for maximum relevance, returns over 100 candidates, all of which are relevant to that query. How can you rank these results according to other criteria: the laptop the user likes the most, that the business wants to sell, that’s available, in stock and nearby for delivery or collection?

Search result quality is more than just relevance. No matter if your search engine is indexing computer hardware, music tracks or internal documents, you need to consider how to put the very best results at the top of the list. Join the OpenSource Connections team for Measuring & Understanding Search Result Quality, a brand new in-person training at Haystack US 2023, covering ways to understand and measure search result quality, user behaviour analysis and explicit feedback collection, A/B testing and more, complete with hands-on exercises. 

Read René Kriegler’s blog on Beyond Search Relevance: why we’re moving on to search result quality.

Who should attend this training?

Suitable for relevance engineers, search product owners and search analytics professionals. Attendance at a previous OSC Think Like a Relevance Engineer training is not a prerequisite, but if you have already attended TLRE this will help expand and deepen your knowledge.

Join the Search Result Quality training

This in-person training will be held on Thursday 27th April (all day) and Friday 28th April (morning only) and will be offered at a discounted price combined with a ticket to Haystack US. Places are limited.

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