Relaunch of Charlottesville Dot Net User Group

Last week I decided to learn a bit more about .NET, and attended the relaunch of the Charlottesville .NET User Group who was featuring Geoff Snowman talking about Windows Workflow Foundation.

I learned a couple of things that I wanted to share:

  • A great starting point for learning about WF is a demo site at
  • meant for developers, not an enduser/business analyst product. “Its just a DLL” – Geoff Snowman
  • SharePoint heavily leverages the WF tool
  • Now being used by 3rd party folks.. K2 builds an enduser focused workflow tool. They have ditched their engine in favor of WF.
  • Workflow is a higher level of abstraction.. You can do it in C#, but why would you want to be in the weeds?

A big thank you to Matt Sposato for getting the relaunch of ChoDotNet started! He did a great job getting the meeting going, and with ~40 folks, I look forward to seeing the momentum maintained!