ExpoQA Integracion Continua Wrap Up

Last Friday I had the huge honor of presenting at ExpoQA 2008 in Madrid on the topic of Continuous Integration, or maybe I should say Integracion Continua since I gave it in Spanish!

Ive posted the slides along with the transcription of the talk in Spanish on SlideShare:

Integracion Continua

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A huge round of thanks needs to go out to Raynald Korchia and the rest of the Sogeti crew for putting together this conference. It was wonderful to see such a large and diverse testing community in Spain, with what I guessed as around 250 people attending the conference, and a great set of vendors as well.

I really enjoyed spending time with the attendees and speakers, I learned a lot from your individual experiences in the fields of testing. Im looking forward to getting more plugged into the world of software testing in Europe, and especially some of the upcoming conferences in Spain that people mentioned.

And lastly, a huge amount of thanks needs to go to my wife Kate, with whom I spent hours and hours over bottles of Riojan wine transcribing my badly formed thoughts in Spanish into proper Castellano, and generally making sure my presentation was a success!