Erik Hatcher, Solr Committer, reviews Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server

When I first got involved in writing Solr 1.4 Enterprise Search Server I knew that one of the folks I wanted to have review the book was Erik Hatcher, a Solr committer, and who introduced me to the project. He has written a very indepth review, that Ill admit I was nervous to read! But he summed it up as:

Grand Finale I spelled out a lot of fiddly feedback above, and I expect the great addendum wiki page will factor in any keepers from this review. Of course most of the review points out mistakes or differences of opinion, thats what a review is for, though this is a solid, useful book. So, if youre considering using Solr, this book is for you. If youre already using Solr, youll likely pick up a useful trick or three. Go get it! As you can see from the level of detail in his post, when we come out with a second version of the Solr book, updating it for changes between when we published it and the final release of Solr 1.4 will be very easy!