Thinking about Solr 4 Book Update

Im just starting to think about updating the book Solr Enterprise Search Server that David Smiley and I co-authored for Solr 4 now that it is very close to being launched!

David and I did a big rewrite of the book from Solr 1.4 to Solr 3.x, trying to make it a more coherent story. But for Solr 4, we are thinking of doing a simpler update. So what would you like to see added (or removed??). SolrCloud of course. The new NRT search features. The new join syntax. What about the Lucene codecs? Too low level? Maybe some of the examples should be pruned out to make the book more focused as well.

Were thinking about bringing in another co-author to help with the writing as well, anyone want to see their name in lights? Writing a book, while at times thankless, is also the quickest way to build your personal brand!