Quepid Announced

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Nov. 9, 2015OpenSource Connections, a search and discovery consulting firm specializing in user engagement and relevancy, has launched Quepid, its search relevance testing and monitoring dashboard for Solr and Elasticsearch. Quepid leverages OSC’s years of expertise increasing revenue and user satisfaction with smarter search solutions for clients like O’Reilly Media and the US Patent and Trademark Office. Quepid is available at for a 30-day risk-free trial.

Built on the idea of Test-Driven Relevancy, Quepid revolutionizes the process of improving search. Quepid gives marketing, domain and business experts the ability to influence the search relevance of search results. Quepid allows the whole team to:

  • Migrate safely from expensive, legacy search solutions
  • Provide feedback on the quality of searches between old and new solutions
  • Visualize and measure the impact of every relevancy change
  • Examine side-by-side the impact of solutions before-and-after
  • Understand the search engine’s ranking behavior
  • Tune search relevancy armed with Quepid’s transparency and metrics

“These capabilities enable search developers to experiment with the impact of changes across the search platform and instantly learn the success or failure of these tests,” said Doug Turnbull, author of Relevant Search and Search Relevance Practice Lead at OpenSource Connections.

“When tuning search-based applications, developers may make many incremental improvements over time, but ensuring that all changes made continue to work together to return the best possible query results can be a huge challenge,” said Mike Matchett, Senior Analyst and Consultant with the Taneja Group. “Quepid brings everything together so developers aren’t taking two steps forward and three steps back with each adjustment. Because both content and development specialists work together in a transparent and measurable environment like Quepid, they get to better results faster. Users will find their search queries performing consistently better.”

“Quepid provides a way for the whole team to instantly explore search relevancy and its impact across dozens of search queries,” said Eric Pugh, President of OpenSource Connections. “Testers, marketing specialists and content experts can provide immediate feedback to developers, impacting their technical decisions. By actively participating in the search quality process, the feedback provided by these groups produces quicker iterations and richer results.”

“Quepid is one of the necessary ingredients in our development process that helps Muck Rack stand out as a must-have tool for anyone looking to connect with the right journalists,” said Rob Shapiro, Director of Product Strategy at Muck Rack, a PR, communications and journalism software built for and trusted by journalists, global PR agencies and Fortune 500 companies. “When marketing and PR professionals search for keywords or phrases, Muck Rack helps them discover journalists writing articles, sharing links and tweeting about the topic so they build better relationships for their communications strategies. As Muck Rack’s engineers refine search algorithms and add functionality, we’re using Quepid to guarantee the results our visitors expect remain relevant and accurate. Search is a science, and Quepid continues to help us as we continually improve on our products.”

OpenSource Connections has also signed a reseller agreement with Flax, The Open Source Specialists, based in the UK. The partnership will see Flax offer OpenSource Connections’ Quepid solution, and associated professional services, to its current and future clients throughout Europe and Asia.

According to Charlie Hull, Flax Co-founder and Managing Director, “OpenSource Connections is uniquely positioned with its years of search experience and Quepid to add tremendous value to our portfolio. OSC understands what our clients need for success in search, and Quepid is an invaluable tool for those clients, leading to additional business and success for Flax. This partnership will be extremely valuable to our customers and an ideal fit for our business model.”

“Quepid helped us develop best practice approaches across our global search relevancy program,” said Karen Renshaw, Digital Product Manager of Search Relevancy for billion dollar component distributor RS Components, a Flax client. “Using Quepid, we are now able to easily and iteratively test and understand the impact of search changes across our entire range of search queries, ensuring we make data-driven decisions. This is crucial for organizations where search is critical to the customer experience.”

Pricing and AvailabilityQuepid is available now at and enterprises can start with a risk-free 30-day trial. For pricing information, please review pricing information at . For additional information, call (703) 232-1492.

About QuepidQuepid is pronounced kyoo-pid and is a reference to “giving search queries the love they deserve.” Built by search experts, Quepid puts the enterprise team in control of Solr and Elasticsearch search results. Built on the idea of Test-Driven Relevancy, Quepid allows search developers to collaborate with marketing and content experts to identify, store and execute important queries, provide rankings that measure search query quality, tune search relevancy, and immediately visualize the impact of query tuning. All these capabilities empower experimentation and real-time changes that make truly impactful differences in search results.

About OpenSource ConnectionsOpenSource Connections (OSC) solves clients’ toughest search problems. Since 2007, OSC has offered unparalleled consulting solutions for clients like Cisco, the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), O’Reilly Media, and Advance Auto Parts. OSC breaks the search consulting mold by putting users back at the center of search. OSC engages users through its unique search relevance practice and test-driven relevancy platform, Quepid. OSC’s capabilities rest on a combined 30 years of experience in open source search engines Solr and Elasticsearch and the distributed, NoSQL database Cassandra. OSC’s thought leadership is recognized through its gold partnership with DataStax and having authored numerous publications on search.

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