We’re writing the book on building intelligent, highly relevant search applications. Taming Search teaches the art and science behind relevant search results.

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  • Excerpts From Taming Search Doug turnbull | 23 Apr 2015
    As many of you know, we're writing Taming Search to address the crisis of low quality, untuned, and irrelevant search applications. If you truly want to do more to help your users, check out these free excerpts from chapter one to learn how to deliver your users what they want from your search bar
  • Search Books Day at Manning! Doug turnbull | 13 Apr 2015
    Save big on great search books! 50% off Taming Search, Elasticsearch In Action, and Solr In Action. Get'em while they're hot!
  • We're Writing The Book on Search Relevance! Doug turnbull | 09 Apr 2015
    We're writing the book on Search Relevance! Taming Search from Manning Publications turns your search fom a dangling afterthought to a core part of your application

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