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Recent Articles

  • Announcing Quepid For Elasticsearch Doug turnbull | 25 Sep 2015
    Good news! We're proud to announce our test-driven search toolbench Quepid now supports Elasticsearch. Quepid helps by bringing test-driven principles to tuning search results -- what we call Test-Driven Relevancy. It helps define what good search results by incorporating your own business expertise from colleagues that know users the best
  • Using DSE to run Solr Spark Jobs Eric pugh | 24 Sep 2015
    Notes from pulling and pushing data in Solr using Spark and DataStax Enterprise
  • Elyzer: Step-by-Step Elasticsearch Analyzer Debugging Doug turnbull | 22 Sep 2015
    I love stringing together custom analyzers to solve my search problems. Analyzers control how search and document text are transformed, step-by-step into individual terms for matching. This in turn gives you tremendous low-level control of your relevance. Yet one thing has always bugged me with Elasticsearch. You can't inspect the step-by-step behavior of an analyzer very easily. You have the _analyze API, which helps a great deal see the final output of the lengthy analysis process. But you can't pry into each step to see what's happening.

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