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Good search understands a user's intent, not just what they type.

We wrote Relevant Search, the definitive guide to building smarter Elasticsearch and Solr applications.

One of the best and most engaging technical books I've ever read. — Trey Grainger, Lucidworks
Will help you solve real-world search relevance problems for Lucene-based search engines — Dimitrios Kouizes-Loukas, Bloomberg

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We built Quepid, a search testing platform that takes the guesswork out of search relevancy.

Do NOT attempt a search project without it. — John Bickerstaff

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Learn the secrets of building intuitive, targeted search.

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Dive into Elasticsearch and AngularJS in this video course.

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We cowrote the first book on Solr. Now in its third edition.

The blog and other happenings

Vespa vs Lucene: First Impressions Matt overstreet on October 6, 2017

Our first impressions of Vespa compared to Solr or Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Learning to Rank 1.0 RC1 Released Doug turnbull on October 2, 2017

We've released Elasticsearch Learning to Rank 1.0 RC1, which brings machine learning capabilities to Elasticsearch relevance ranking. Beginning the March to fully releasing version 1.0.

Solving The Search Management Minefield in Open Source Search Doug turnbull on August 7, 2017

Don't be fooled by fancy technology: search is fundamentally a business problem; not a technical one. Technologists and domain experts need to establish careful contracts for managing search together.

Come see E at Machinary.ai - Getting started with Learning To Rank Nov 7th, 2017 | Tysons Corner, VA

Overview, prerequisites, and implementation details of getting started with Learning To Rank. Why relevancy tuning will be taken over by machine learning, but not yet.

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