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Recent Articles

  • A First Look at VisualOps Scott stults | 22 Jan 2015
    VisualOps looks to be a great time-saver for managing AWS architecture, and it scratches an itch I've been having for quite a while.
  • Ad-hoc Solr Monitoring Jody white | 16 Jan 2015
    Hacking together Solr monitoring using Easy Auto Refresh (Chrome Plugin) and the command line
  • Using Solr's new Healthcheck command Eric pugh | 14 Jan 2015
    Eyes hurt from trying to read through clusterstate.json? ./bin/solr healthcheck to the rescue!

Upcoming Events

  • Feb 17-20 | San Jose, CA Strata Conf 2015 Doug turnbull
    Doug will be talking about "Database History from Codd to Brewer and Beyond"

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