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Recent Articles

  • Advanced AWS CLI JMESPath Query Tricks Joseph lawson | 27 Jul 2015
    AWS CLI documentation only covers using JMESPath result queries briefly. Let's explore how much more you can do.
  • Splainer: A Solr Developers Best Friend Doug turnbull | 24 Jul 2015
    Do you know about Splainer? It's our handy-dandy, free and open source tool for working with Solr search results. It's become my favorite go to tool for tweaking a specific Solr query. Let's face it: nobody likes working with Solr in their browser's URL bar. It's a royal pain.
  • Introducing Quepid v0.2.0 (Organizations, Custom Scorers, and More!) Becky billingsley | 15 Jul 2015
    The release of Quepid v0.2.0 (July 3, 2015) added several new features as well as enhanced some existing features. The Release Notes below provide a quick look to whet your appetite. Individual posts detailing the how Organizations and Custom Scorers work are coming soon!

Upcoming Events

  • Cassandra Day: New York Aug 19 | New York, NY
    We will be sharing war stories about building always on always available discovery systems using Cassandra
  • Cassandra Summit September 22-24 | Santa Clara, CA
    Returning for another year, John, Matt, Eric, and Chris will all be at Cassandra Summit, sharing war stories from our C* projects for the Federal Government and Commercial clients
  • LuceneRevolution October 15-16 | Austin, TX
    *The* conference focused on Solr, we've made the pilgrimage since 2010

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