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  • Visualizing Solr file ingestion with a punchcard graph in R Jody white | 26 Mar 2015
    Recently we've had to analyze the size of files being ingested into a Solr index. Performance testing had been done several times and we were seeing some really great response times with zero errors and other times we were seeing really high response times with hundreds of 504 Server errors.
  • Going Cross-Origin with Solr Christopher bradford | 26 Mar 2015
    It is becoming more common to connect directly with a Solr cluster from rich client side applications. Performing a search directly against the cluster will require either JSONP or Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Here we discuss a few methods for connecting with a search resource with CORS.
  • Elasticsearch Cross Field Search Is A Lie Doug turnbull | 19 Mar 2015
    In Elasticsearch, searching across multiple fields can be confusing to beginners. This is a tough first step in creating a relevant search solution, so it's important to get this right. In particular, it can be hard to wrap your head around multi_match's cross_field search type and where exactly it fits in to a querying strategy.

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