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  • Splainer: The Elasticsearch Relevance Sandbox That Tells You Why Doug turnbull | 03 May 2016
    Have you looked at a scoring explain out of Elasticsearch? Perhaps you've had a tricky relevance problem. You've needed to debug why scoring works the way it does. Splainer is here for you!
  • Run Installed Elasticsearch from Your Shell Doug turnbull | 21 Apr 2016
    Got Elasticsearch installed on an Ubuntu/Debian box? Want to run it directly from the command line? It's handy to recreate how Elasticsearch actually runs on your box. You might want to debug something. Or perhaps you'd just like to see the log statements scroll by this console window.
  • Shipping Containers - effectively deploying containers in the cloud. Christopher bradford | 11 Apr 2016
    Now that our applications are wrapped up in containers we focus on the process of shipping them to production. Here we explore our journey across various tools and approaches to the new distributed world.

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