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Recent Articles

  • Log Every Document Added To Solr Doug turnbull | 02 Jul 2015
    I often want to intercept the Solr docs in a format I can use offline. Clients have complex ingestion systems. I shouldn't need to have the full ingestion apparatus to do some Solr work. With documents offline, I can script something simple and stupid that throws documents at Solr to test my search relevancy work without having the full system at hand to populate Solr.
  • Improving on Git Flow: Code Reviews Doug turnbull | 29 Jun 2015
    Something amazing happened today on our Quepid project. We did a code review. Instead of trying to extract value from reviewing pull requests in isolation, we realized actually talking to each other was the only way to move the dial on understanding each other's work.
  • Why Cassandra? Daniel beach | 25 Jun 2015
    Takeaways from Cassandra Day DC

Upcoming Events

  • Cassandra Day: New York Aug 19 | New York, NY
    We will be sharing war stories about building always on always available discovery systems using Cassandra
  • Cassandra Summit September 22-24 | Santa Clara, CA
    Returning for another year, John, Matt, Eric, and Chris will all be at Cassandra Summit, sharing war stories from our C* projects for the Federal Government and Commercial clients
  • LuceneRevolution October 15-16 | Austin, TX
    *The* conference focused on Solr, we've made the pilgrimage since 2010

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