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Recent Articles

  • Learning the shape of my data. Working with the AACT data. Samia ansari | 26 Jul 2016
    I'm working with two data sets (AACT and SEER) and finally seeing the challenges in how the data is laid out versus how I thought it would be!
  • Guide to Making Search Relevance Investments, free ebook Doug turnbull | 07 Jul 2016
    We're happy to announce today we're releasing our OpenSource Connection's official search relevance methodology. It lays out a framework for incrementally implementing and evaluating relevance against what matters to your business
  • Deploying AACT Oracle Dump File into the Cloud with Docker Eric pugh | 30 Jun 2016
    ClinicalTrials.gov is a wealth of information. But the only database format they support is an Oracle dmp file. Follow along as I help our data science intern answer hard questions about ethnic diversity in clinical trials by deploying Oracle using Docker Cloud.

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