Why We Created Search Relevance Training

I am a big proponent of Solr and Elasticsearch search engines BUT…

… they are frameworks. A bag of tools. I can teach you how they fit together in half a day. A bit like chess – the rules are simple, but being a master can take a lifetime! Mastering the relevance ‘game’ is no different. Solving the gnarly, complex, and diverse business problems out there takes a new set of skills desperately lacking in the marketplace.

The fact that most real business problems are gnarly is exactly why I AM a fan of Solr & Elasticsearch. I’m not a fan of commercial/canned solutions with a few knobs and dials, where you hit walls and have no option to customize further and deeper. With Open Source, there’s always another layer deeper you can go to customize to fit your unique and innovative use case.

But what’s usually missing is a cohesive set of practices that tie together the open source toolbox to solve real problems. This is why we wrote Relevant Search.

And this is why we’re announcing Think Like a Relevance Engineer Training! Most Solr & Elasticsearch training enumerates to you what’s in the toolbox. They don’t teach you the techniques to focus the toolbox on real business problems. It’s not just about the “What” but the “How” and “Why” of business and domain problems.

Because each business is different, organizations need to appreciate how to customize open source search to serve their unique needs. E-commerce remains quite different than job search, which is quite different than enterprise search, which is quite different that Google’s domain of Web search.

This training is for teams that need to really own how their search works. It teaches cutting edge information retrieval with an eye towards what’s practically achievable at scale with the Solr & Elasticsearch toolbox.

I hope to see you in class, here’s the link to sign up:

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss having this training delivered privately for your organization. This is a great opportunity to ‘pick the brain’ of a relevance expert as we perform training.