Think Like a (Remote) Relevance Engineer with our new online training

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, like everyone else we’ve been rapidly adjusting to the new reality of most if not all of our work having to be carried out remotely. As you may know we had to cancel our Haystack US conference and the associated training sessions that we’d planned and many people had already registered for.

I’m thus very happy to announce that we’ll be offering our Think Like a Relevance Engineer (TLRE) training for Elasticsearch online during Haystack week, with TLRE for Solr following the week after. The OSC team have worked hard to find a suitable e-learning platform (we looked at Strigo which is also used by Elastic for their training but have settled on Zoom for now) and to adapt and test the course accordingly. Our focus has been on delivering the same high quality training experience as we have always strived to achieve. Since the course will be offered over 4 half-days (rather than 2 days in a classroom as before) it will also be possible for those in other timezones, e.g. in Europe, to attend.

TLRE is a 2-part training course that gives your team the skills you need to tackle search relevance issues. This class helps search teams understand how to measure search quality, iterate on relevance against those quality metrics, with a survey of the common techniques used to improve relevance: from basic TF*IDF, to taxonomies, to learning to rank. It’s a practical course led by working relevance engineers.

TLRE (Elasticsearch) will run from 9am-1pm EDT / 1pm-5pm GMT from Tuesday the 28th April to Friday 1st May. TLRE Solr will run at the same time of day from Tuesday the 5th to Friday 8th May. Tickets are now on sale at the early bird rate.

We hope to run our Hello Learning to Rank and Natural Language Processing for Search courses online soon, once we’ve carried out the work to adapt them – more news on this soon.

If you have any questions or would be interested in a private training session for your organisation, do of course get in touch!