Can you craft a signal to map to your users intent using the search engine's capabilities? Do you understand what your users intend when they type in those keywords? Can you validate search is successful against business metrics?

We teach the principles behind improving search quality. Our trainers wrote the book on search relevance. They've guided Alexa top 50 sites to better search quality. They're eager to be stumped by the problems your team brings up in training!

Our training offerings

Think Like a Relevance Engineer

Our 'Think Like a Relevance Engineer' training covers the following topics:

  • How to measure search quality
  • Removing the fear from relevance experimentation
  • Signal modeling to rank based on user intent
  • Solr/Elasticsearch relevance tuning and boosting techniques
  • Building semantic search in Solr/Elasticsearch
  • How to leverage machine learning assets for smaller search
  • Learning to Rank

Hello LTR: Learning to Rank Training

Our 'Hello LTR' Learning to Rank training is a hands-on, jupyter notebook driven class, that covers the following topics:

  • Using Solr or Elasticsearch Learning to Rank plugins
  • Generating training data from clicks & conversions
  • Training and improving learning to rank models
  • Identifying the best features to add to your Learning to Rank model
  • Solving real-life relevance problems using learning to rank

Smaller Team? Host Public Training: Get a Discount

If you have only a few people where training is appropriate, we offer a discount to teams that can host a public training in your town. You provide a conference room that can hold 12, coffee and lunch, and we give you a meaty discount for your team.

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Quotes From Past Trainees

"'Think Like a Relevance Engineer' has helped me think differently about how I solve Solr & Elasticsearch relevance problems"

Matt Corkum, Disruptive Technology Director,

"'Hello LTR' training gave me strong conceptual foundation of Learning to Rank and its moving parts, practical tips and learnings on how to implement it in production"

Lekha Muraleedharan, Search Developer

What a positive experience! We have so many new ideas to implement after attending 'Think Like a Relevance Engineer' training.

Andrew Lee, Director of Engineering for Search

Our Solr & Elasticsearch products & publications:

Relevant Search — by practice lead Doug Turnbull

Quepid — a relevancy tuning platform. Monitor and improve your results.

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