Why Partner with OSC?

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     We’re pioneers in AI powered search and machine learning.

A group of forward-thinking search consultants, we’re passionate about helping organizations find and correct the blind spots in their search strategy. We’ll work together to get to the root of your search problems, fill gaps in your search model and product strategy, and help your organization achieve its search goals, such as:

  • Increased conversions and sales
  • Improved user experience
  • Provide users the right, most relevant content

Why OSC?

We listen to your search problems and collaborate to find solutions that help achieve your organization’s search and business goals. We are neutral, un-biased and not tied to any particular technology or product – we can thus help you select what is best for you.

We support your team

Our mission is to empower your team. We know search. We’ll get your team there, too. Together, we’ll get to the root of your search processes, make improvements, augment and train your team.

Search & AI experts

AI applications depend on technologies such as data pipelines, machine learning and natural language processing – all of which have been used by our team to build search applications over many years. We have the experience to help you build AI solutions.


When search is core to your business, it’s even more crucial to get buy-in across departments. Let our experts bring the knowledge, experience and proven results to help your teams work together to solve your organization’s search problems and fill gaps in your search strategy.


We’ve led FORTUNE 500 companies in various industries to achieve their search goals – from increased conversions and sales to improved UX and providing users with the right, most relevant content. If you can’t measure search quality, you can’t improve it. We can help you build effective measurement & metrics that tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

Leading the community

The Haystack conference series we founded in 2018 brings together search & AI experts from across the world to learn from each other. We also keynote, speak at and lead discussion panels at many other events. In between conferences, search & AI experts share their knowledge on OSC’s Relevance Slack, which now boasts an astonishing 4500 members. Come and join the community!

We educate and empower

We built Elasticsearch Learning to Rank, a machine learning system which powers search at Yelp, Wikipedia, Snag and others. We also help build Apache Solr as Solr committers. Our free Quepid search testing platform allows collaboration between subject matter experts and search developers to effectively tune search and is compatible with Solr, Elasticsearch, OpenSearch and other search platforms. Our team have written books, collaborated on industry reports and curate a video library, all of which can help educate and empower your search team with information about search & AI.

Experience & expertise

We’ll help your teams collaborate across departments to find and fix deficiencies in your search model and product strategy. We’ve helped organizations’ search engineers, product teams, CTOs and VPs improve search relevancy to achieve their business goals. We’ve worked with cross-departmental teams, spanning search, product, marketing, technology, to understand and own their own search processes to drive business results.

Learn more about our process.