February, 6th

Doug Turnbull will be speaking at the premier Southeast Python conference, presenting The Ghost in The Search Machine

Open Source Search for Bioinformatics

February 3 - 4

Eric will be sharing some experiences making Solr part of a larger data ecosystem through using Apache Spark and Apache Zeppelin.

Solr vs Elasticsearch for Relevancy: Battle of the Query DSLs

Doug TurnbullJanuary 22, 2016

Last time we discussed matching, where Elasticsearch was the clear winner. This time, we'll take a look at controlling *ranking*. More specifically, we'll see what happens when the two search engine's Query DSLs duke it out! Next time, we'll discuss how deeply you can plug each search engine.


January, 2016

Daniel sharing his experiences "Building a search application with AngularJS"

Is this thing on?

December 29, 2015

Matt, Doug and Eric get together to try out new podcasting tools and talk about recommendation engines.

What Does an OSC Search Relevancy Tuneup Look Like?

Doug TurnbullDecember 22, 2015

So you’ve stood up Solr or Elasticsearch. Your search app is humming along. However, how do you know your search understands what your users are asking for? Users are notorious for ignoring everything on your page other than the search bar. They go straight to the search bar and tell you what they want. With just as much speed, they give up and leave when they can’t find what they want.

beCraft Meetup

December 10th

Doug Turnbull will be presenting The Ghost in The Search Machine (aka Doug Turnbull’s Stupid Search Tricks)

Quepid Migrates from Flask to Rails

Youssef Chaker — November 23, 2015

We recently worked on moving Quepid from a Python backend to a Ruby backend, something Joel Spolsky would frown upon. Here's why.

InternetSummit 2015

November 20 - 21

We will be exhibiting Quepid and talking about the importance of relevant search

Cassandra Day: Dallas

Nov 5

We will be speaking and sharing war stories about building always on always available discovery systems using Cassandra

KMWorld 2015

November 2 - 5

We will be workshopping *Enabling a Sophisticated Search User Experience* at KMWorld

beCamp 2015

October 23-24

beCamp, that most Charlottesville of conferences brings together tech-curious folks from all walks of life.

BM25 The Next Generation of Lucene Relevance

Doug TurnbullOctober 16, 2015

There's something new cooking in how Lucene scores documents. Instead of the traditional "TF*IDF," Lucene just switched to something called BM25 in trunk. That means a new scoring formula for Solr (likely Solr 6) and Elasticsearch down the line.


October 15-16

*The* conference focused on Solr, we've made the pilgrimage since 2010

OSC is Proud to Support Charlottesville Women in Tech (CWiT)!

Becky BillingsleyOctober 13, 2015

When the Charlottesville Women in Technology (CWiT) team first contacted Opensource Connections (OSC) about whether or not we wanted to sponsor CWiT for the year, to be honest I knew very little about the details of gender inequality in Science and Technology and even less about ways to help address that inequality.

Announcing Quepid For Elasticsearch

Doug TurnbullSeptember 25, 2015

Good news! We're proud to announce our test-driven search toolbench Quepid now supports Elasticsearch. Quepid helps by bringing test-driven principles to tuning search results -- what we call Test-Driven Relevancy. It helps define what good search results by incorporating your own business expertise from colleagues that know users the best