Splainer: A Solr Developers Best Friend

Doug TurnbullJuly 24, 2015

Do you know about Splainer? It's our handy-dandy, free and open source tool for working with Solr search results. It's become my favorite go to tool for tweaking a specific Solr query. Let's face it: nobody likes working with Solr in their browser's URL bar. It's a royal pain.

Copy & Paste your git status logs like a pro

Daniel BeachJuly 10, 2015

It’s time to fill out your timesheet, again. You’ve put in a full week of work but remembering everything you’ve accomplished can be difficult when you’re jumping between projects. What if you could just quickly copy your git commits for the week and be done?

Log Every Document Added To Solr

Doug TurnbullJuly 2, 2015

I often want to intercept the Solr docs in a format I can use offline. Clients have complex ingestion systems. I shouldn't need to have the full ingestion apparatus to do some Solr work. With documents offline, I can script something simple and stupid that throws documents at Solr to test my search relevancy work without having the full system at hand to populate Solr.

VLDS Insights 2015

Jun 30

VLDS is the Virginia Longitudinal Data System, providing educational and workforce training data to improve public education. Eric will be looking at how we can help improve educational outcomes.

Improving on Git Flow: Code Reviews

Doug TurnbullJune 29, 2015

Something amazing happened today on our Quepid project. We did a code review. Instead of trying to extract value from reviewing pull requests in isolation, we realized actually talking to each other was the only way to move the dial on understanding each other's work.

BioSolr -- Stop Reinventing The Wheel in Life Science Search

Doug TurnbullJune 17, 2015

BioSolr is being developed by Flax in conjunction with the European BioInformatics Institute. We’ve done a great deal of work in life sciences with search, and we frequently find organizations solving the same sorts of problems over and over and over. For this reason, I was really excited to compare notes with Flax and EBI about common themes encountered in life science search

RVA Data Hackers

Jun 16

Doug will be talking about why ever data hacker should care about the magic inside a search engine and his new book Relevant Search!

Spark Summit 2015

Jun 15

Chris will be speaking at Spark Summit 2015 on "Lessons Learned with Spark at the US Patent & Trademark Office"

London Solr Meetup

Jun 4

Doug will be talking about Test Driven Relevancy, Quepid, and his new book Relevant Search!

Hawt.io makes Camel hotter

Eric PughJune 3, 2015

Apache Camel is very powerful, but once you have a couple of routes, keeping track of what they are doing gets to be harder. Plus, you want to know what messages are in flight. Hawt helps.

Deep Dive into Elasticsearch Cross Field Search

Doug TurnbullMay 27, 2015

Elasticsearch cross-fields are a great feature. They let you blend multiple fields scores together on a search-term by search-term basis. I covered the motivation for cross-field queries in a previous blog post. In this blog post I want to dive a layer deeper. How exactly does cross fields work? How can you tune its behavior?

Debugging Solr 5 in Intellij

Doug TurnbullApril 30, 2015

I recently had to debug Solr 5 to help answer some client questions. With Solr 5, there's been several fundamental changes to the Lucene/Solr codebase. My previous methods of debugging Solr didn't work anymore.

Excerpts From Relevant Search

Doug TurnbullApril 23, 2015

As many of you know, we're writing Relevant Search to address the crisis of low quality, untuned, and irrelevant search applications. If you truly want to do more to help your users, check out these free excerpts from chapter one to learn how to deliver your users what they want from your search bar

Bringing The Search Relevancy Message to CIO Review Magazine

Doug TurnbullApril 2, 2015

I'm happy to be taking the search relevance mantra to the CIO crowd in my article in CIO Review Magazine (p65). In the article, I highlight that search is how everyday users expect to interact with 'Big Data'. So much of the focus in Big Data has been 'analytics' and I think this is unfortunate.

Visualizing Solr file ingestion with a punchcard graph in R

Jody White — March 26, 2015

Recently we've had to analyze the size of files being ingested into a Solr index. Performance testing had been done several times and we were seeing some really great response times with zero errors and other times we were seeing really high response times with hundreds of 504 Server errors.

Going Cross-Origin with Solr

Christopher BradfordMarch 26, 2015

It is becoming more common to connect directly with a Solr cluster from rich client side applications. Performing a search directly against the cluster will require either JSONP or Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS). Here we discuss a few methods for connecting with a search resource with CORS.

Elasticsearch Cross Field Search Is A Lie

Doug TurnbullMarch 19, 2015

In Elasticsearch, searching across multiple fields can be confusing to beginners. This is a tough first step in creating a relevant search solution, so it's important to get this right. In particular, it can be hard to wrap your head around multi_match's cross_field search type and where exactly it fits in to a querying strategy.