Search Application Development

Building large search applications can be daunting. Our development teams can turn your search dreams into a reality. See examples »

Full-text Search Applications

We build search engines for large content repositories with specialized search requirements.

Discovery Interfaces

Rich discovery applications allow you to organically navigate your content and see relationships between items.

Data Visualization

Simple data is useless if you cannot visualize the trends and relationships between the points. Dynamic visualizations can be a great medium for understanding your numbers.

Data Integration

We can install and optimize solutions for managing your big data and analytics needs.

Cloud Computing

We specialize in managing distributed computing environments for data storage and ingestion.

Data Ingestion

From patent data to corporate file systems we have proven our ability to build aggregate search databases.

Data Science

Too much data, not enough answers? Find the underlying patterns in your data.

Search Engine Triage

Struggling with a tough search problem? We are here to help.

  • We’ll assemble a team of industry experts related to your problem area. Want them on-site; we will fly them to your location.
  • Our experts work alongside your team to diagnose and resolve your specific search problem. Each team is supported by a large network of search professionals.

Search Architecture Assessments

Want to learn how you can leverage search technology better in your organization? We can take your company to the next level.

Our experts will thoroughly review your search architecture and present best practices for increasing your search performance, improving your technology stack, and solidifying your search relevancy.

Relevancy Tuning

How easy is it for your users to find the content that they need? Without benchmarks it can be hard to determine how well your search is really doing. We can work with you to set up baseline results metrics using Quepid, and solve your tough relevancy scenarios. Learn more!

Interface Prototyping

Every search application is unique. Our UI experts can lay the groundwork for developing a successful search interface.

Whether it is a real-time analytics engine or a full-text search interface we can lay out a roadmap, and show you a prototype of what the future looks like.

Trusted Advisor

Our team members are passionate about applying their expertise and partnering with our clients to achieve long-term success. Working closely with you over months or years allows us to really understand your needs, not just your wants. You get to have access to leading experts as you need them rather than expanding your staff.


We’re no strangers to public speaking. Our team is constantly presenting at conferences like Solr/Lucene Revolution, Strata, and ApacheCon. We also provide Solr training using the LucidWorks university curriculum.

Get in touch to learn more, or to schedule a training event.