BlackLightDL at the University of Virginia Library

The University of Virginia sought a solution to make all text documents in their Digital Collection Library text-searchable. Containing thousands of documents, the search engine needed to be capable of a rapid and complete search without crashing the back end. UVA selected OpenSource Connections as their partner on this project because of our work in the open source world and academias preference for free and open software. Their solution was BlacklightDL. The back end runs on Solr, an open source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library, with XML/HTTP and JSON APIs, hit highlighting, faceted search, caching, replication, and a web administration interface. The end-user interface is built on Ruby on Rails (RoR), allowing a rapid solution to UVAs data overload. The end result is a license-free solution that will enable thousands of student, faculty and staff users to quickly search UVAs entire Digital Collection Library library from their PC.

Dr. Mike Bergman gives a detailed overview of the application in “A Not so Long Wave at BlackLight.”