Guide to Making Search Relevance Investments, free ebook

How well does search support your business? Are your investments in smarter, more relevant search, paying off? These are business-level questions, not technical ones!

After writing Relevant Search we find ourselves helping clients evaluate their search and discovery investments. Many invest far too little, or struggle to find the areas to make search smarter, unsure of the ROI. Others invest tremendously in supposedly smarter solutions, but have a hard time justifying the expense or understanding the impact of change.

That’s why we’re happy to announce OpenSource Connection’s official search relevance methodology!

Download Guide to Relevance Investments

This guide lays out a framework for incrementally implementing and evaluating relevance solutions against what matters to your business. It describes how to measure the success of investments against your business’s bottom line, be it purchases, page views, or good will. It describes the ideal environment for test-driven-relevance style workflow, with some steps to get there. It discusses the importance of frequent, continuous deployment and measurement against your high-level business metrics.

We believe any good process is a work-in-progress. This is our first pass, at a fairly high level. This is sure to evolve with the industry and what we learn. But we also want to hear from you! We’ve met great success with this methodology in our consulting practice, but is there anything you would add or change?

It’s free for you to use and download right here. We’re not even going to ask for your email so a sales person can annoy you later. However, if you do enjoy it or need relevance help we hope you get in touch. Or sign up for our newsletter below.