We teach your search team the skills needed to deliver real value. Training covers search relevance, including business and technical concerns. You'll learn how to work with stakeholders, Solr/Elasticsearch tuning best practices, managing synonyms, building semantic search, and applying machine learning to search!

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Unleash the search nerds! Whether your solution depends on personalization, semantic search, machine learning, a search engine plugin, or just getting the dang boosts right -- we can help! We're the Solr and Elasticsearch 'smarter search' experts.

We start with a consultation to lay out the work you need. After strategizing, we get to work! We follow our proven methodology and begin continuously delivering better search.

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Strategery and evaluation! We rethink how search and recommendation features can impact your business. We uncover existing issues, discuss how to better match users to your content, and prioritize the right product invesments using our methodology.

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Trusted Advisor Consulting

Call for backup! Ad-hoc consulting and technical help. Our experts can be at your disposal to strategize on thorny problems, participate in sales calls, plan projects, or throw together a quick proof-of-concept.

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Don't recruit for search -- grow it! We help you build your team. Our consultants join your team as full-time senior developers. We pair with your devs to solve problems, bringing them up the curve all while shipping needed features. You get the benefit of expert consultants AND in-house expertise as your team develops needed skills.

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