Elasticsearch: the modern, open source search and analytics solution

Elasticsearch is the simplest way to build powerful search and analytics applications. We're leading the way: we wrote Relevant Search the book on smarter Elasticsearch applications. We contribute to the Elastic stack. We're also proud to be Elastic partners, allowing us to help you evaluate Elastic's great products while leveraging the expertise of the broader Elastic community.

With nearly a decade of experience in open source search, we can help you:

  • Build custom Elasticsearch applications
  • Improve the relevance of Elasticsearch search results
  • Craft semantically aware and personalized Elasticsearch applications
  • Troubleshoot performance problems
  • Develop custom Elasticsearch functionality and plugins
  • Create robust ETL solutions around Elasticsearch
  • Evaluate Elastic for log analytics vs Slunk

OSC was able to quickly identify techniques that resolved some of our pain points with Elasticsearch, as well as key strategic considerations for our near and long-term roadmap to support our rapid growth.

Our Elasticsearch products & publications:

Relevant Search — by practice lead Doug Turnbull

Quepid — a relevancy tuning platform. Monitor and improve your results.

Our latest Elasticsearch articles:

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