Solr: the most mature Lucene-based search engine

Apache Solr is increasingly the choice for organizations that need the deepest control over their search experience. We're proud to have been involved with Solr since day one: we wrote the first book on Solr and have been consulting with Solr for nearly a decade.

Leverage our expertise to increase your capabilities and enhance your team's ability to execute

We can:

  • Build custom Solr applications
  • Improve the relevance of Solr search results
  • Craft semantically aware and personalized Solr applications
  • Troubleshoot performance problems
  • Develop custom Solr functionality and plugins
  • Create robust ETL solutions around Solr

OSC's Solr/Lucene knowledge expanded and greatly improved the abilities of our public job search. They delivered technical excellence at every turn: demonstrating expertise in Lucene internals, relevance models, and data science backed by a solid methodology for improving search relevance. On a deliverables front: they learned our legacy search stack quickly and made high-quality code contributions. OSC marries technical excellence with strategic insight: we highly recommend their experts to any search team.

We really appreciated your focused approach to problem solving. I know
 that “search” per se is a wide field but you helped us narrow it down to our context quite effectively with Solr.

We were so impressed with every step of our engagement with Open Source Connections. We could not be more pleased with OSC and their engineers and would not hesitate to recommend them for any Solr consulting needs.

Our Solr products & publications:

Relevant Search — by practice lead Doug Turnbull

Quepid — a relevancy tuning platform. Monitor and improve your results.

Our latest Solr articles:

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