Decompressing from OSCON

Eric PughJuly 29, 2006

I’m sitting at TopPot in Seattle slowly digesting all the things that we did and learned at OSCON! I’ve got a stack of contacts to follow up with, and feel very invigorated about the state of the open source world.

Our BoF: Scrum War Stories was very well recieved, with 14 particpants and some at times heated discussion! Exactly what you want at a BoF! We helped solve some job difficulties, learned about some new books, and talked about Scrum in the real world. As I promised, I’ll have notes posted later this week. I also mentioned our Rugby addon for Scrum project tracking with Trac. I took advantage of Google’s Project Host being unveiled at OSCON and did a quick landgrab for “rugby”. I’ll have SVN updated over the next couple of days on our new site at

I’ll also post the after action review of OSCON this week.

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