Pete learns how to curate search results for a single query

Pete has just been hired as Product Manager for Search at electronics retailer Chorus Electronics. His boss, a Vice President, has asked him to build a ‘best-in-class’ e-commerce search engine, to ‘increase customer satisfaction and drive improved revenue’. 

Pete’s colleague Shanice has been talking to one of their expert users, who buys projectors from Chorus Electronics on a regular basis. They just want to type in ‘projectors’ and get back projectors – not projector accessories, stands or accessories. Shanice knows the product catalogue so well that she can write down a list of identifiers or SKUs for all the projectors on sale! Pete wants a simple way to provide a curated, pre-defined list of search results for this particular query.

Curated search results

With Chorus, Pete can use the Querqy tool to make sure that only certain results appear for the ‘projector’ query. This is an approach to be used with caution – it will filter out everything else that the search engine provides. Here’s Eric with a video demonstrating how to do it:

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Chorus is a joint initiative by Eric Pugh, Johannes Peter, Paul M. Bartusch and René Kriegler.

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